Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Pictures Again, Already?!

This is it! Everyone is sort of smiling and generally looking happy to be together.

When my brother and his wife were here for Thanksgiving, we decided to have them take our Christmas picture. I wanted to do it in the treehouse, but the sun wasn't cooperating and all of the pictures looked so dark (thank goodness for digital cameras, so I could see the pictures first) so we went to the other side and Brian took about 45 pictures in total (again, I am grateful for digital cameras!).
This is how I felt after we were finally done! He did a great job, if anyone needs pictures taken, and Leeandra was great at keeping the kids attention!


jhoopes said...

Looks so good! You better be sending them, too! :)

Anonymous said...

The picture is gorgeous.

marcikay said...

dayna! thanks for the link to the blog! we have one too, so feel free! hope you had a great christmas.. as always, your card was fabulous!

The Garff family said...

LOVE it! Your picture on the Taj Mahal is fabulous my friend! I love your picture - that's exactly how I feel when we finish taking family pictures :)