Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Locks of Love: Final Donation

May 2005

When we lived in New Jersey a girl in my Primary class cut off her super long hair and donated it to Locks of Love, where they make wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair. I thought she was so brave! A few years after we moved to California I noticed how long our girls' hair had gotten and thought of Locks of Love. I put out a challenge "I will if you will" to Alaina and Becca, knowing they wouldn't do it. But, they said okay! So, we went to a hair salon and Alaina went first. The lady wasn't very nice and scared Becca so we left with just one hair cut. I took Becca somewhere else the next day and she got hers cut. Then I realized I had to get mine cut quick or I'd chicken out. I called my friend that cuts my hair who told me she was booked but when I begged her she agreed to cut it in her garage that day (it was a good cause, after all!)

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March 2009

Four years later I talked Becca into doing it again when I realized how long our hair had grown. Alaina decided not to it this time, and I couldn't blame her...hair is really important when you are 12!

October 2010

A while ago I learned that it takes 3 heads of hair to make a wig so I decided that I wanted to donate one more time, even though I knew the hair wouldn't be used together since I sent it right away each time. So, I didn't get it cut for a year and a half and it grew long enough to chop the last 10 inches (their minimum donation). This time Becca and Alaina both said no. I was in a hurry because I am not yet grey and didn't want to donate grey hair! I have a feeling it is coming soon.

In explaining to the kids why I did it (everyone knows I hate my hair short) I told them it was the least I could do to help someone who couldn't do this for themselves. There isn't much we can physically do to help someone with cancer and I have a lot of friends who are or have been afflicted, so I just wanted to do something. It's a small thing, but I hope I taught my kids a good lesson. And my hair will always grow back.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Alaina finally was able to get her pins out a few weeks ago. We wanted to keep them but were told they are a biohazzard...and they were in her??? So, I took a picture next to my iPhone so I could show the perspective of how big they really were.
I am so grateful that is over now! (she is too) She was in a lot of pain the whole time the pins were in and the last week they were in, one of them poked through her skin and was constantly scratching her from the inside. Poor thing!
She was given the green light to play soccer again and is looking forward to her first game and high school tryouts. We are both hoping she can get her stamina and speed back up in the next few weeks.
I am a "glass half full gal", so instead of thinking why me (in this case, why Alaina), I always think, "What can I learn from this?" We definitely realized how much we depend on our bodies to just always work and do what we tell them. I hope it's a lesson we don't need to relearn anytime soon.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Gadget!

In case you were thinking of getting this for Christmas...DON'T!
Guess I should have read the fine print on the bottom of the box before I bought this, "Due to continued product improvement, product may vary slightly from picture." Not much of an improvement. They tasted terrible, too. Do not buy this gadget!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ryan's Bday

This year for Ryan's birthday he wanted to go to Dave n Busters again. So Dave took him with 4 friends and didn't bring the camera...
SO, just for my 'mom guilt' of not having any pictures from his 10th birthday, I wanted to put a picture from around that time. But Ryan won't let me. It WAS his birthday, afterall.
They had a great time with dinner at the food court, went to a RC car place, and Dave n Busters.