Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My kids have been talking about Peep Wars for years but we had never actually seen it, so I surprised them with a package of sticky sweetness and we witnessed the puffing and popping of the tooth rotting thing they call a peep.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dave's Birthday

Poor Dave. Another birthday come and gone and he was out of town. I made a nice dinner the night before and then I made his favorite cake the day after, when he got back. Since none of the kids like German Chocolate Cake frosting (even though I prefer the frosting to the cake!) Alaina had the idea to make cupcakes so I could frost some with chocolate for them. I made Dave a huge one, then did half chocolate and half coconut pecan caramel.

I am grateful that he works so hard for our family. That he is ambitious and driven and successful because of his tremendous efforts. He travels so much and I think he misses out on a lot of things and wouldn't be willing myself to do what he does for us. And so for that, he is my hero!
Happy Birthday!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andy is 16!

Somehow Andy turned 16 last Friday. Not quite sure how that happened or how I feel about it, but it seems it doesn't matter because each year everyone gets older (except me, of course!). It just doesn't seem possible that Dave and I started our family 16 years ago. I am so thankful for Andy and his kind heart. What a great kid!

Originally Dave was going to take him and a few friends skiing at Tahoe but the timing didn't work, so he ended up having his friends over for a Role Playing Game they do on Fridays. Parties are so much easier as the kids get older because they just do what they want and don't need a lot of help. Except with food. So I made what Andy asked for:

*beef jerky


*pink lemonade pie


And I even bought soda and his favorite salt and vinegar kettle chips.
He and his friends had a great time just being teenage boys...

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Winter Select Soccer

I just have to have a proud mom moment...

Ryan is on a Winter Select soccer team with great kids and coaches that hasn't done too well on the scoreboard. Everyone is having fun, which is the point, but Ryan is a little more about winning. In the high scoring game last Saturday, they lost 6-7, he scored 5 goals and had one assist. He had only scored 3 goals all season before this game, so it felt a little like a win and he was so happy. He decided that whenever he scores a hat trick, I have to buy him a new soccer jersey. Good thing the season is almost over!

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