Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today was the Indian Valley Spelling Bee. The students drew numbers out of a hat to determine their order. Becca drew #1, same as last year! As I watched student after student misspell words, Becca spelled everything right. We started practicing yesterday, so I don't think she went into it very confident. Then, as each student spelled a second word wrong they were out of the Bee. So, it came down to Becca and one other girl, who had gotten one word wrong. It was Becca's turn and her word was "mattress". You know like on the radio advertisement that says, "Call 1-800-M-A-T-T-R-E-S, leave off the last 'S' for savings!" As soon as the letters were out of her mouth, she realized her fatal error...she forgot the second "t". I wonder if this is in retaliation from my earlier post on mattresses having "years" like cars... After the other girl spelled her word correctly and won, Becca immediately shot out her hand and congratulated the winner. What a good sport! She loves the story of my 4th grade Spelling Bee when I misspelled "tongue". I still remember the feeling of wanting to take my letters back. At least we can commiserate together.


Pmom@ChocolateandGarlic.com said...

Good job, Becca! Yea! Pretty impressive.

Fenima said...

I love love love Becca. Scott and I miss her terribly in our class. Isn't she so awesome? She is the only student that never talk to the neighbours while we're teaching and never just speak out of turn. When she does speak it's actually right on the money, and when she asks questions, Scott sometimes had to tell her that "I'll give you the answer after class" because she would ask about high level doctrines that would probably just confused other kids. Anyways, you have one smart kid who really knows how to behave. Another thing that we noticed she is confident, not at all dramatic. She is the kind of person that demand respect because how she carries herself.
D.J. always, say, "You are the smartest kid ever." There was one time in class when we had a quiz, Scott noticed that Becca didn't answer the question on purpose, so she can the other kids point, how kind. Sorry, I didn't mean to write a novel. Your Becca is just so impressive.

The Garff family said...

YAY Becca! We're proud of you!! That is a huge accomplishment!! xoxo from the Garffs!

Sam and Vanessa said...

Dayna! I've been searching around for ward blogs this evening and found yours--jackpot! Loved reading your posts... now I can blog stalk you:) Go Becca!