Friday, May 22, 2009

Tennis with Ryan

Today was a half day at school. All of the kids were busy except Ryan, then his friends invited us to go bike riding with them. Ryan was so happy, until I realized his bike was locked in someone elses garage and we couldn't get it. He was upset for a minute, then said, "Let's play tennis!" So, I seized the opportunity, grabbed our racquets and drove to the nearest tennis court with one can of balls. I should have known we'd need more than one can.

Within a matter of minutes we were down to one ball, the other two having been made into "home runs". We heard a car honk and hoped it wasn't hit. Ryan found two spare balls lying around and said he wanted to use them first so we wouldn't lose our last original ball. Our goal was not too lofty. Just to hit 5 in a row. I mean really, how hard can that be? It took an hour. It was very fun and we giggled everytime we got to four and Ryan hit a power swing, and we did eventually get to SIX! And we came home with one original ball.
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