Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Navy = Customer Service

Last week all six of us went to Old Navy to get some summer clothes. After trying everything on and narrowing down the kids' choices, we finally got in line to check out. The cashier rang up 3 bags worth of clothes, but then the machine broke, so she couldn't print the receipt for me to sign. Two managers came over and helped her and upon noticing our tired family sitting on a bench, said they'd be happy to give us 10% off our total. Great! But that meant I couldn't use my $10 off coupon (which to be honest hadn't saved even 3%), so I could use my regular Visa instead of my Old Navy card (because I prefer one BIG bill, to lots of small ones). When the transaction was finished they told us to come back in 2 days for a price adjustment because all of the mens clothing would be half off and it would apply to this days' purchase.
SO, I went back with the receipt they gave me, which turned out to be the voided one since we'd had the problem with the machine. So, the cashier called for back up again and they figured out to how to do a receipt look up. I wanted to purchase 3 additional t-shirts that I found while I was waiting and she applied the 10% off from the previous problem to them also, just to be nice. Then my $10 off wouldn't work because they had scanned it before when I didn't actually use it. So, they gave me $15 off for my trouble and I ended up paying $9 for the 3 shirts! That's what I call customer service...and it was worth the hassle.


Fenima said...

Score Dayna, nothing feels better than getting a great deal.

jhoopes said...

I'm impressed--Old Navy isn't generally known for the customer service (in my experience) but yeah for you! Fenima's right--a great deal is the BEST! :) Now I expect the next post to be a fashion show of what everyone chose!!