Friday, July 31, 2009

Wasabi Shots

Fenima, Eleanor, me, Mica, Leah, Tonya, Adrienne, and Emily

We celebrated Emily's belated birthday at Momoyama Sushi in Concord.
Great Food, Great Friends, Great Times.

Adrienne said she'd eat whatever Emily told her to, so they had a little Wasabi contest.

Everyone knows I am not a fan of spicy food, but I am always up for a good dare and Mica was a fun accomplice. This was hot wasabi!

After we sang Happy Birthday to Emily, the waitress brought over some kind of bean ice of course Tonya and Emily immediately mixed in some Wasabi. They said it was good and we all decided to take their word for it. Happy Birthday, Em. Thanks for the fun time, ladies!

The Sexy Roll, The Dragon Roll, and The Crispy Cobra Roll
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Em said...

Oh that was soooo much fun!!! thanks again....Love the pic's, Can't wait to do it again...I promise I won't make you do any more Wasabi shots ;p

Fenima said...

It was so much fun Dayna. What happened to the group pic? Can't see it.

jhoopes said...

You crazy Walnut Creek girls. :)