Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Break in Monterey and Carmel

My parents came to visit for the Thanksgiving break and we took them to Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur. Usually when they come Dave and I go out of town and they watch the kids or they aren't able to stay long enough to go anywhere, so this was a great mini vacation for all of us. This was Cabo's first vacation and Carmel is so dog friendly, we found a great restaurant that actually had a dog menu and he ate right by our table with several other dogs! He loved being the center of attention at the dog stores, too.

The kids were in heaven with Cabo there. It was his first beach experience and he wasn't sure if he was supposed eat the waves or not. He had a blast running on the sand with 54 other dogs...yes, the kids kept a count of all the dogs they saw!

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My mom took the dreaded Christmas photo this year. One of these made the cut...can you tell which one?
The guys all went to a Sharks game in San Jose and the girls were on our way home to start Thanksgiving food preparations when my van suddenly found the Gilroy Outlets! So, we spent a few hours there, then we all met at home and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner outside. It was a beautiful day! I am so thankful that my parents could come and spend time with us.

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Leeandra said...

I love it! I'm sad we missed out this year, it looked like wonderful weather in Carmel! We miss you all (the kids look so grown up, especially Ryan with his long hair!!) And it's nice to see him smiling in the xmas photo, which turned out great! Love you,