Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009!

Even Cabo got in on the action and actually opened his presents by himself, after sniffing them out! He's a peeker and opened two presents early.

All that stuff produced 3 little bags of garbage! Incredible. It's kind of like planning a can take a year to prepare for Christmas but in a few minutes, it's over. That's why I love our week leading up to the big we can refocus on the reason we celebrate Christmas.

I loved getting so many Christmas cards and hearing about how our far away friends are doing. A few families have added 4 kids since we have last seen them! We moved 7 times in the first 8 years of our marriage and now we've been in California for nearly 10 years so we don't get to see a lot of old friends. Every year Dave tries to whittle down our address list, and every year I sneak people back in. Because I like getting news from people and I guess I think if I send a card, I'll get a card!

Yes, we broke down and got a wii. Funny thing is we are actually sore from playing tennis! I loved watching Dave play with Ryan.

I think Ryan's favorite gift was a flying monkey from my sister. He even brought it to Tahoe with us. I actually captured it on the picture!
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Amelia said...

Love the fact that you have a standard poodle! We have two. Mojo, a chocolate and Makalea, a silver. Aren't they the greatest dogs ever!