Saturday, January 16, 2010

Freedom of Speech!

For the past few months (Dave may say years...) it seems like we can't have a family conversation. Someone always ends up interrupting or starting a loud side conversation or giggling so obnoxiously that no one else can hear the original person talking. It has been frustrating! So, one day I told the kids they weren't allowed to talk. Just have a silent dinner.

When dinner was over and the kids were excused, Becca and Andy came back with these signs:

"Let us talk when we want to talk! END THE SILENCE. Do you hear the interesting conversation? No? Why not?


"Creative converstation is being killed!


I guess silent dinner didn't go over so well. All I want is for the kids to take turns and to listen to each other respectfully. Maybe it IS too much to ask. But I refuse to give up!

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Nonnie said...

I love it!! ;0) Well it isn't to much to ask, but You can always create the usual whoever wants to speak has to have the talking stick, or speaking stick. And I guess if you want to really enforce it, the one who breaks the silence without the stick, has extra dishes duty. lol Just grab an old stick out of the back yard, and decorate it with glitter, ribbons, and some manly stuff to! lol Good luck! If all else fails you can threaten them with boot camp from Chuck! ha ha

Leeandra said...

HAHAHAHA that's soooo like your kids! They are so funny. I miss you guys so much! Keep us updated here in Espana. Love you, -Leeann

jhoopes said...

I love it!! I love how they retaliated. That was a good byproduct of your rule! Look at the bright side! :)

Genuinely Garff said...

My kids checked this out and totally sided with your kids!! :) Surprise, surprise.
Good that they can "speak" their mind, even when they can't speak. You've got some strong kids Dayna!!

Fenima said...

Sorry Dayna, I have to side with the kids. I love their posters....too smart.

Shelley said...