Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break in Utah

We drove to Utah for Spring Break and went to General Conference in Salt Lake. A few years ago we went and had to beg for tickets (another story!) but this time we were able to go right in and enjoy Music and the Spoken Word before the first Sunday Session. I love being in the beautiful Conference Center and giving the kids the experience of being in the presence of the Prophet and General Authorities.

After Conference, we met up with Dave's Aunt Cherie who was a volunteer missionary for the event. It was great to see her!

We skiied Monday and Wednesday and took a break on Tuesday to go to Salt Lake. We spent a few hours in the Family History Library, looking up our relatives. The kids really got involved and were researching their great, great, great, great grandfather from Ireland when we had to leave. We ate at the Lion House and then took a tour of the house where Brigham Young had lived for a while. Most of us were very interested, although a few of us would have rather done something else. Can you guess who?

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jhoopes said...

We were in Utah, too!! Man, we should have planned better. That is crazy that all of your kids are old enough for Conference!! One day...