Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break Skiing

The Monday blizzard at Deer Valley.
We could barely see each other in the fog but it was so beautiful.

The Wednesday sunshine at Deer Valley! We had the best ski conditions ever. It was sunny and beautiful, but not too hot.

I have always been a little more spontaneous than Dave (not always a good thing) so whenever we go skiing I just want to ski the runs and end up wherever we end up (again, not always a good thing) but Dave always gets a map of the mountain and plans out the day. So, here is a picture of my "map man". At least we rarely get lost!

Alaina had broken her toe a few weeks before we went and couldn't quite get her foot in the ski boot, so she stayed back at the condo and we met her for lunch every day. She played in the snow without too much pain, though.

The Diamond Peak melt down. The snow was nearly gone by Friday, but it was still cold enough to be icy.

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