Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angela is gone...

My dear friend Angela moved yesterday. On Monday we took her out to Chow in Lafayette for a going away dinner but she wouldn't let us say goodbye. We just talked all night until they kicked us out and kind of avoided the whole reason we were there, with all of us saying we should get together more often and not only when someone is moving away.
I went over to her house everyday last week and helped her pack and clean, still never saying goodbye. We decided it's more like a 'see ya later' kind of leaving.
Angela has been such a sweet addition to our Ward and such a great inspiration. I am so sad to see her go, but I know they'll be happy closer to family. And, we just happen to have a trip planned to where she is moving so I'll get to see her in June!
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Isom Crew said...

They will be missed. It's such a bummer being left behind by so many good friends through the years.

Anna Marie said...

I found your blog through the Walnut Creek 2nd Ward Relief Society blog...My husband commutes to San Francisco from Salt Lake City every week and we're looking at making the big move to CA. We're coming out in a few weeks to scout out the east bay and was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a minute to answer a few questions. Does your husband take BART to work? How long does it take him? We've sort of zoned in on Walnut Creek because we've heard of good schools and plenty of families? Would you say this is true? How large are the boundaries for one ward in the East Bay? About how big are the primaries (I have 4 kids, one on the way). Sorry to be a bother, but this would help so much. Thank you!
Anna Marie