Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Did It!

This is how the girls bathroom has looked for 10 years...they are now 11 1/2 and 13 1/3. A litle too old for ducks, perhaps?

So, we found a shower curtain, towels, and bathmats, then we were suddenly at Ace Hardware looking at paint samples, planning on taking home a few chips to see what we liked best. But, somehow I found myself with a gallon of paint in my hand, walking to the van (I didn't steal it!)

When we got home, I quickly made dinner and went up to clean the walls so the bathroom would be ready to paint in the morning. But again, something possessed me and I found myself on the ladder, starting to paint the walls at 8pm.

As Ryan and Becca tried to help I realized I'm not one of those easy going parents that says, "it's okay if you get paint on the carpet. In fact, let's have a paint war!!" No, I am one of those parents who says, "AGGGHHHH! You are done," when paint gets on the white carpet. I have to say I redeemed myself and let them come in and help again once I decided I'd be able to clean the floor.

We finished the first room and I sent the kids to bed while I cleaned up because it was so late. I spent the next day painting the room with the shower and toilet...frantically trying to get the walls done so we could put up the pictures and things after school and before Dave came home from his business trip. My friend came over with an awesome little roller that fits behind the toilet and saved me a lot of time since I didn't have to take it out to paint behind it. Thanks, Leslie! This little remodel wasn't exactly okayed ahead of time so it had to be perfectly done nad cleaned up before Dave got back. Like I said, I became a little possessed!

We'd been collecting "beachy" things for the past several years on vacations and had everything we needed for the walls.
I think it turned out pretty well and the girls are very happy with it. I did get the carpet cleaned and Dave seemed to like the new room well enough. Now maybe he'll let us do their bedrooms before they move out!
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Jessica said...

very cute!

Isom Crew said...


jhoopes said...

Awesome, although are you sure they won't miss the duckies? :) I would love to do ANY project with you 'cause you know how to get things done!!

Jen said...

Looks great!

The United Statements of Merica said...

i love it! I love that shower curtain! Once dave sees how inspired the girls are to keep their new and improved bathroom clean, maybe he'll cave on the bedrooms.

Heidi McMillan said...

super cute!! Very good job ladies. The maker faire is at the San Mateo Fairegrounds and held once a year. Your kids would love it!! I could see Andy making something for it someday. Hope everyone is doing well.

Genuinely Garff said...

OOh - nice job. It looks fantastic!!