Friday, July 30, 2010

More Alaska Fun!

We all went to the Alaska Zoo and I was surprised by how much it had changed since I went as a kid. We saw a sign that said one of the Golden Eagles had come from the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek!

We hung out at my parents house and played croquet until 11pm and it was still light. Everytime we visit, I forget about the endless days of summer. Alaska is so beautiful! My sisters dog, Blue, came to play too. We made our traditional stop at the Alaska Wildberry Products store, where they have an incredible chocolate fountain and lots of fun Alaskan items.

My awesome friend, Barat and Christine always make time for lunch when I come...even when I call them at the last minute. We ate downtown near Barat's office at Ginger and it was delicious! The waiter called us Miss instead of Ma'am. I appreciated that! It was great to catch up and now I am waiting for them to come and visit me in San Francisco.

At the Alaska Wildberry Products store, on the way to the airport. It's worth the can watch the workers make chocolates through the kitchen display windows and there is a great candy counter!

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