Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Alaina finally was able to get her pins out a few weeks ago. We wanted to keep them but were told they are a biohazzard...and they were in her??? So, I took a picture next to my iPhone so I could show the perspective of how big they really were.
I am so grateful that is over now! (she is too) She was in a lot of pain the whole time the pins were in and the last week they were in, one of them poked through her skin and was constantly scratching her from the inside. Poor thing!
She was given the green light to play soccer again and is looking forward to her first game and high school tryouts. We are both hoping she can get her stamina and speed back up in the next few weeks.
I am a "glass half full gal", so instead of thinking why me (in this case, why Alaina), I always think, "What can I learn from this?" We definitely realized how much we depend on our bodies to just always work and do what we tell them. I hope it's a lesson we don't need to relearn anytime soon.
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