Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Room Remodel: Part 1 (or My Mother Lied...)

What was I thinking?
When I was a kid, my mom said I could do anything...no, not that there weren't any rules, but there wasn't anything I wasn't able to do...so as I was up until 3 am several nights in a row picking off wall paper and trying to paint Becca's bed (sanding didn't help...it took 5 coats!) I had a thought. My mother lied! I can't do everything! Then I thought maybe this is the kind of room you see in a magazine that says "make-under", not "make-over", like it looked better before. But then, I took some comfort in the fact that it was okay not to have it look perfect. And now that it's done, it looks great and was well worth the sleepless nights. Becca loves her new room!


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Isom Crew said...

It is completely different! Good job. She must love it. :)

Leeandra said...

Hey! The room looks absolutely adorable! I had no idea the girls were actually getting their own rooms! How awesome. Love you guys, we really miss you!

Dani Fletcher said...

It looks great! (Yes, I'm actually commenting on your blog -- just to prove that I do check it sometimes!)