Thursday, August 11, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

This year I finally got to go to Girls Camp. I begged last year but they didn't need me. It worked out perfectly because Ryan had his 10 year old trip to Grandma's in Idaho, Andy worked on his summer homework and scouts without being interrupted, and the girls were with me at camp.
Usually they go to Rucker Lake but a week before camp it was changed to Camp Redwoods Liahona because Rucker was snowed in!
I was a 6th year leader with Eleanor and we had a blast. The girls were so great and I was impressed with how well they got along and lead together. It's a big job for the 16 year olds and they had a ton of responsibility.
My birthday was Wednesday and they decorated my bed (with me in it!), sang to me, and scared me to death!
Mandy Sherwood did a fantastic job as Girls Camp Leader and it's a three year calling so the next few years are sure to be awesome. Eleanor and I are still debating coming back as leaders, for my part the debate is just that I love the girls we had this year so much and it won't be the same without them. The Walnut Creek 2nd Ward had 13 girls there this year... I think that is a record! Our Stake is very diverse and we have 11 wards with super different socioeconomic circumstances. Some of the girls live in unsafe areas in Oakland and have witnessed gang shootings, etc, and some live in white picket fence filled suburbs. I loved seeing them put aside their differences and really get along with each other, showing that the Gospel is the same everywhere and that we can all help each other and find peace in the Church and its teachings.
I am grateful for our Youth programs!

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