Monday, August 29, 2011

Ice Cream Cupcakes!

So, my neighbor called to tell me she had a birthday present for me (in June).  It took us about a month to get together and when we finally did, she told me that she was at the store with her 13 year old son who picked out the gift.  He saw it and said, "Mrs. Bain would like this!"  It was a cupcake plunger.  How would he know that?! 
Fast forward a few weeks.  I was planning on bringing a birthday treat for one of the misisonaries' birthdays on Sunday and had asked someone if they thought she'd like lemon or chocolate.  After cleaning up a dinner party at 11:45pm the night before, I checked my phone and there was a text saying she would like an ice cream cake.  AN ICE CREAM CAKE!  It was almost midnight and I already had the other dessert ready to bring so I almost went to bed.  But, at 12:15am I thought about my own kids and that someday they'll will have a birthday on a mission somewhere far away and I hope someone will make something they like for them.  And so I put the cupcake plunger to use and made ice cream cupcakes.  Everyone loved them!  I was so grateful to my awesome neighbors for being so thoughtful.  I am sure they had no idea that this gadget would save me at midnight.
I immediately made ice cream cupcakes and they were a hit.
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