Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ryan's 11th Birthday

We did a scavenger hunt in downtown Walnut Creek for Ryan's party this year and the kids had a blast.  I divided them into three groups and had Andy with one, Alaina with one, and I took the other, just to make sure we didn't lose anyone.  They had a list of 20 things they had to take pictures of and the first team back with all the pictures won.  The best part was looking at all the pictures afterwards.
Of course there had to be a soccer game at the party!

Ryan asked for a soccer field cake...this is the best I could do.  At least the kids ate it all!  He opened his presents, then they watched a Veggie Tales movie...they are hilarious.

We had a soccer ball pinata outside and the kids decided to play soccer with it to break it open!  They all went home with plenty of sugar.  October 2011
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