Sunday, November 30, 2008

So much to be thankful for...

Dave, Leeandra, Becca, Alaina, Andy, Brian, Ryan, Cabo at the Heather Farm Dog Park in Walnut Creek.
The Aranda's, Nicholson's, and Dittman's joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.

It's time I got back on here and expressed some gratitude. Having just had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, and realizing this holiday is over and another one is just beginning, I am reflecting on my many blessings.
  • Health: although I just got over an ear infection and a sinus infection, and I have rheumatoid arthritis, Sherman's Disease, and Neuralgia Parasthetica, I am relatively healthy! I am so grateful for my hands that can type and my legs that can take me to the gym to work off all that turkey.
  • Church: although I have a long way to go in my scripture study, I am thankful for the sacrifices that have been made so I can worship freely as I choose.
  • Hair: although it always looks less than perfect, I am thankful to have thick hair.
  • Children: although they often make me crazy, they are my life and I am so grateful to be their mom. They grow so fast and I already know I will have so many regrets. I have "Cats in the Cradle" going through my head all the time. I try to stop what I am doing whenever possible to savor these moments while my kids are young.
  • Husband: although he is most often out of town, I am thankful for his ambition and drive to succeed. I am grateful for the sacrifices he makes for our family. I am lucky to have him.
  • Friends: although I haven't been very good at keeping in touch lately, I am so thankful for wonderful friends who are such amazing examples and have endless talents. I have so much to learn!

Okay, back to brother and his wonderful new wife of four months came from Oregon to be with us. They brought their cat, who didn't really love our dog, but pretty much stayed out of sight after her initial hissing fit.

The kids couldn't believe their dad let a cat in the house. She was really very sweet, just not to Cabo, so we left Lucy in the house and took him to the dog park. It was such a beautiful day and I still can't get over the weather here in California. It is the end of November and I am still picking tomatoes, lemons, and gardenias!

Our good friends Chris and Albert Aranda and Deven and Nancy Nicholson and their children all came for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a fun time visiting and eating. This was our best turkey ever. I even got compliments today (the 3rd day of leftovers !)

I love to be home for the holidays and am thankful for my many blessings!


jhoopes said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving and I love how you listed your blessings!! How nice to have Thanksgiving with the Arandas and the Nicholsons. Wow--Thanksgiving at the Bishop's house. That is quite the honor. :)

Leeandra Dittman said...

I just now read this blog. It really was a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for letting us bring our crazy cat, and for the wonderful dinner (yes, it was the best turkey ever!). We can't wait to see you again, we love you and miss you!!


PS Glad you found my blog- Check it out when you can! www.btheworld.blogspot