Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finding the (almost) Perfect Tree

Why couldn't Ryan smile like this for our family Christmas card photo?
The day after Thanksgiving we always go to Santa's Tree Farm in Half Moon Bay and search for the perfect tree. This is a bit like hunting for the perfect pumpkin...there is always a flat side! We finally settled on the tree behind us in this photo and we took turns cutting it down. We let Andy stand on the back of the van, holding the tree to the top of it, while I carefully drove to the tree bagging and tie-down hut. He loved it! When we got the tree up in the house, we realized it was pretty crooked, so after a few hours of lopping off the uneven sides, I had pretty much reshaped the whole tree and it looks straight enough. Dave is really pushing for a fake tree...where is his sense of adventure?!The finished product. I know, it looks crooked, but really it is just the angel. Cabo looks cute, though, huh?! And, my awesome tree watering gadget is completely undetectable.

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