Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Every December we make lots of gingerbread houses. We usually give away a few with all the fun decorating stuff, and we keep four individual ones for the kids and a big one for Dave and I to decorate (not his favorite thing, but he is a good sport!) A tradition we started a few years ago is letting the kids bash theirs in on New Years Eve. Welcome to my zoo!
The finished masterpieces :)

Andy really gets into this demolition stuff.
Ryan looks like an angry elf, doesn't he?!
Alaina was a little more tentative at first.

Karate chop!

Becca in action!


marcikay said...

I love that idea.. I think everyone in my house would think that was a blast!

The Garff family said...

Could you please share one with us next year as we are gingerbread house making inept?? hehe
Love it! You guys have really fun and meaningful traditions Dayna.

Isom Crew said...
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Isom Crew said...

Wells wanted me to tell you he thinks it is so cool when the gingerbread houses are breaking.

Logan St Journal said...

Great idea I never know what to do with the houses and end up lamely tossing them. Smashing them looks way more fun!