Monday, January 5, 2009

Things My Kids Say...part one of many, I am sure!

"Mom, why are there holes in your face?"
"Holes in my face? What do you mean?"
"You know, all over...there are holes all over your face!"
I run to look in the mirror to see what they are talking about and find the problem.
"Oh, those are just pores. Yours will show too, when you get as OLD as I am!"

The kids and I often say our morning family prayer in the car on the way to school for several reasons. One, we usually forget to say it at home, two, the kids are confined and can't "be there in a minute", and three, I can make sure they start out their school day with good thoughts. So, a few days before the break Ryan offered the prayer and asked for the funniest thing. In the middle of his prayer, he said, "Please bless us that we won't be embarrassed by anything we do." I was able to hold it together until the kids got out of the car, then I laughed all the way home. I love the sweet innocence of their words. I realized I should probably pray for that, too!


Linda O. said...

Thanks for doing the blog. You are a terrific writer--love your funny, positive attitude. Look forward to reading more, children do grow up so very quickly--can David and Stephen really be 35 & 32??? My "driving to school" days went by so quickly......

jhoopes said...

That's funny! We often say family prayer in the car, too. I will remember the 3 reasons you gave so I can think we are saying prayers in the car on purpose!! :)

Isom Crew said...

Too funny. Love your blog. I added a few things to mine today. Jill will be excited. She thinks I blog too infrequently.