Friday, February 6, 2009

4th St. Finally!

My Dad and Mom
So, I have lived in the East Bay almost 9 years and had never been to 4th Street in Berkeley. Until yesterday. I picked up my parents at the airport and went to meet a friend (tour guide!) on 4th St. We had a great morning just looking through the awesome shops all along the street. We had to make a few purchases, including a hysterical book with pictures of mistranslated Asian character favorite is the sign that is translated as "deformed man toilet" instead of handicapped! I laughed so hard that I was crying in the store, so I had to buy it. I'll be posting from the book again soon.
We had the best tortilla soup in the world for lunch. Really. We ordered two bowls, but they brought us one, so I thought we could share it. I shouldn't have been so generous. We could have easily eaten several more bowls each! So, we decided to get some good chocolate at the shop next door instead of ordering more soup. Yum!
I am happy to know where the parking lot is and will be visiting 4th St. more frequently in the future. We had a great time with my parents, and my dad spent an hour at a great book store while my mom and I browsed around. Thanks, Eleanor, for the tour and for not disowning me for never having been to your favorite haunt.
My parents left this morning, after only staying for about 24 hours, but I will take what I can get. And, I suppose, I am the one who moved away! I am just glad they were able to come see us and I am grateful for my family.

Me and my Mom


jhoopes said...

Funny--I was wondering if Eleanor might be your ever-so-knowledgeable guide. Now if we could only get her to start a blog...

Cathy said...

D - I've never been to that part of Berkeley either! Let's plan a day trip with the gals! Seriously!

HMichaelsen said...

I haven't been to 4th street in years - makes me want to go again!

Leeandra said...

They sure are great people aren't they!! Sorry we stole them away for the weekend, we've been having too much fun with them! =)

Amy said...

Your parents look great! It was fun to see pictures of them. Sounds like a fun visit (albeit too short)!

It's fun to check in with you after all these many, many, many, years.