Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let me know if I start packin' on the pounds

So, I finally quit the gym. I've been trying to quit for years, but I really love the classes and the steam room is the greatest reward for a hard workout. I always fall asleep in there. Last week when I came out, a lady said they were about to call someone to make sure I was okay because I wasn't moving. I'm good. Just enjoying my reward. But at $350 a month, it's just not worth it and we have a bowflex, elliptical, and pilates equipment at home. Now the trick is just to use them. I figure you have to give me a month, then if you see me packin' on the pounds you have to tell me...that is an incentive for me to keep working out! I have a friend who said I have been trying to quit the gym since she met me. That is when I realized I'd better stop talking and do it. With Dave's back injury, he can't go, and the kids are in school, so I can't justify it anymore. Wah. Maybe someday we'll start back up again and train for a triathalon. Or maybe not.

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Isom Crew said...

I'm sad. Does that mean you aren't playing tennis anymore either?