Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Frog Pond

Every June the 2nd graders at Indian Valley take a science hike to the frog pond in the open space behind the school. This is my fourth and final trip, unless I adopt a 2nd grader next year. I love going on the kids field trips and being available to help out. I feel so blessed to not miss out on this little stuff. Like frog goo. But aren't they cute!!
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jhoopes said...

I bet they love it there! Can you believe your baby is going to be in 3rd grade?!?!!

Fenima said...

okay, I can finally the pics. Love Ryan's tennis pics. He looks so happy. Thanks so much for dinner; it was so good. Btw, I'm thinking of switching my kids'pediatrician, do you like yours? I need referrals please.