Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Second-Graders Take Over the Bedford Gallery

The Bedford Gallery is in the Dean Lesher Center for the Performing Arts and every year the Second-Graders go on a field trip to see an art exhibit. This year the exhibit was "WAX". It was amazing to see what artists can do with wax.

I love the piece about the American Dream. I don't know if you can see it, but there is a $5 bill coming out of the faucet. The creepy heads are the artists rendition of her children (all made of wax) in different poses; yawning, sleeping, was kind of eerie. The thing by my yawning Ryan that looks like a blooming onion is actually a pile of wax fingers. It was a little disturbing.

I love the colors in these two encaustic works. Aren't they are gorgeous?

Sadly, I don't think Ryan quite enjoyed the field trip as much as I did. He looks a little bored, doesn't he? Especially in the yawning and twirling pictures. Notice the other kids looking genuinely, if they were wax LEGOS, he'd be very engaged! Anyway, I highly recommend going to this exhibit at the Bedford Gallery, if only for a change of pace and to get your kids out of the house over the summer.

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The Garff family said...

COOL. We'll have to check it out!!