Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alameda County Fair

Last week I took the kids to the Alameda County Fair at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. I forgot how much I love the county fair! We went the first few years we lived here but then I kind of forgot about it. Ryan really didn't want to go and was saved by a phone call about 15 minutes before we were leaving. His friend invited him to play for the day, so he was spared being dragged through the winding halls full of great finds. Although he really was upset when he learned that he had missed out on Dippin' Dots!
We loved the horse racing and spent the day browsing at all of the things we couldn't live without (a monocular for Andy, sparkly makeup for Alaina and her friend, nail polish pens for Becca, and kitchen gadgets for me, yes, I am still a gadget gal). Luckily the kitchen demos had tons of free giveaways and we all won some. We looked at all of the county projects and decided to enter something next year...any suggestions? I bought several birthday presents and left behind the $1,500 swing that I really didn't need. We already can't wait for next year.

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Heidi McMillan said...

danny is very sad he missed the fair. Happy belated birthday. Looks likes you were spoiled. Thanks for all your kind notes. We miss the ward.