Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth Of July 2009

Traditions, traditions. I always try to make traditions with my family, but it rarely works. It seems like someone is usually tired of doing the same thing each year, or we all get lazy and just stay home...but I think we finally have created a Fourth of July tradition that has stuck! We start with the Pleasant Hill Parade, just a small, down home type of parade, that we can bring our dog to. Then we have a BBQ and pool party in the afternoon and in the evening we head off to the DVC parking lot to enjoy fireworks with friends. This year Andy brought a friend and we met up with the Clements' and Evans'. The view is always great and you can see several displays from different places. The kids love it there because it isn't too loud and Dave and I love it there because it's not as crowded or far away as the San Ramon fireworks show we used to go to. I am proud to be an American!!

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