Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Week

Every year I start prepping the kids a few weeks before my birthday. I tell them about my friend who has 5 boys that do "birthday month" and how her family celebrates her birthday for the entire month. And we talk about the importance of recognizing people and being grateful. I just want them to learn to appreciate others...not only me.

Well, this year I had a birthday week!

Robin, Me, Shelley, Angela, Mica, Sarah at 1515 Lounge. Yum!

Oh, how I love crab cakes!

Monday some of my great friends took me to lunch, then Dave and the kids took me out for a family dinner.

I got a two-fer! Lunch and dinner kitchen duties! Me and my family.

On Tuesday, Andy made a brownie birthday cake and the kids lit candles and sang to me. Then on Wednesday night Dave took me to Benihana in San Francisco and to see Spamalot. We loved it! There were a few fairly irreverent scenes, but for the most part it was really funny. John O'Hurley was great. Thanks, everyone, for helping me have a great birthday!

I have a great husband and family!

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Fenima said...

Happy B-day Dayna. Glad you had a good one...those food look yummy. And may I ask you how you get so beautiful? You are just gorgeous. And Ryan, funny. I'm impressed with his cooking commitment though.

jhoopes said...

Happy birthday! I have never heard of 1515 Lounge (but would have loved the company) but I TOTALLY would have crashed the family party to eat at CPK--LOVE the COMPANY and the FOOD! :)