Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Popcorn Tooth

Last week Alaina was eating popcorn and and told me that she had gotten a kernal stuck under the wire of her braces. So when I took two of the kids to the Dentist a few days later, I ran her into the Orthodontist to get it fixed. They were (luckily) short staffed and handed her some dental floss to try and get it out on her own. She couldn't reach it so I tried to help her and when I looked in her mouth, I didn't see anything except teeth. Then I realized that the "popcorn" she could see was her 12-year molar! How embarrassing! When we went back to see the kids at the dentist, I found out that the orthodontist office had called them and asked them to take a look. So, I told the dentist what I thought it was and he confirmed it. I guess I should have looked myself before bringing her in. Duh! Was that a bad mom moment?

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Isom Crew said...

I love the popcorn tooth!!!!!!! So funny.