Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School Traditions

We always go to out for ice cream after the first day of school. The kids pick Baskin Robbins because they have the best flavors, like rockin' pop swirl and pink bubblegum. I like the old standbys: pralines n' cream and chocolate n' peanut butter. I always ask the kids to tell me their 3 greats and today, on the first day of school, this is what they said:
Andy: ______ is in two classes.
I am buddies with ______ in math.
All of my teachers are excellent so far, although last year I thought ______ was sweet until she turned sour.
Alaina: How many times to I have to tell you, I don't have any greats?!! Do I look like I am 7?!!
Becca: I survived.
Home-ec looks like it's going to be fun.
I have classes with my friends.
Ryan: I like Mr. Allen.
I like the kids in my class.
We did name art.
After they tell me their greats, they can tell me a bad if they have one (the greats have to be first because sometimes they make the bad go away.)
Andy and Ryan didn't have bads, but Alaina and Becca did.
Becca: I got soup for lunch and the styrofoam tray broke while I was walking, so it spilled all over my friend. (that is a real bad...)
Alaina: My teachers are worse than last year. (I think she was just tired!)
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Fenima said...

First and for most, love love love Alaina's answers on the "GREATS." She sounds like a teenager to me. Secondly, poor my girl, Becca, oh she probably felt so bad spilling the soup on her friend. I wish I could just give her the biggest hug.
Sad about the lack of academic hours the kids get, especially one as smart as Andy. And Ryan's answers for your new blog, too funny.

Last, but not least, please send me a tray of your dessert, any of them. They all look "too die for." I'm sure I can't make it.
And Scott would probably say, "Oh, I like Dayna's better."

P.S. Great post Dayna.

jhoopes said...

Fun traditions! Their comments made me totally laugh--especially Alaina's!! Maybe we will have to hit Baskin Robbins today, too.

Shelley said...

I love Alaina. She gave a great talk too.