Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alaina's 13th Birthday Nerd Party

Alaina struck a pose in the nerd fashion show.
Alaina wanted to have a Nerd Party for her birthday and the girls really got into it. Her friends were awesome! They all met us at Broadway Plaza and had half an hour to find a list of 16 things to take pictures of for the photo scavenger hunt. I know the stores get really annoyed with all of the kids that come in asking for little things, so this way they didn't need to even talk to any employees. They finished just before the time ran out and had a blast with all of the people trying to figure out why they were dressed so funny.
We came back to our house and Alaina judged a nerd fashion show where all of the girls came through a streamer curtain and gave us their best nerdy post. They all got certificates with funny awards like: "most particles of nerdy attire", etc.
The kids played our tradition pass the parcel with a twist. They had to put on fuzzy gloves, a long sock and a scarf, then when the music stopped everyone counted backwards from 30 while the person with the present opened as many layers as they could.
We had pizza, cake and ice cream outside and the girls played on the trampoline and tire swing a little.

I usually spend hours making a cake that goes along with the party theme, and I do it at 1am so the birthday kid can't see it and it is always a surprise, but this year the nerdy cake was super easy and the real nerds were a hit!

Ryan thought Cabo should dress up too, so he put these shorts on him. He is such a good sport!Alaina was just starting to open her presents when the parents started arriving. She gave them their party bags on the way out the door. We used brown paper lunch sacks (with a bandaid for a the name lable on each one) and filled them with a dictionary, word find book, pencil, giant box of nerds, pez, smarties candies, and a can of silly string.
The dressing up made the party really fun and we were so glad they really wore funny things. I was going to dress up too, but Alaina said I was nerdy enough. Huh!

And now, I can't believe I have two teenagers...it really does go so fast.

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jhoopes said...

What a cute idea! I will have to remember that one. :) You are so creative. Oh and ALAINA IS 13?!?!

Logan St Journal said...

I hope your kids know how awesome you are and if not expect a phone call when they have kids saying "Wow Mom you were awesome!"