Monday, September 28, 2009

Fishing at Heather Farm

Saturday at 7:30 am I dragged Ryan to Heather Farm to go fishing. They had stocked the pond with 300 pounds of Catfish and they had rods, reels, and bait just waiting for us. So, after Ryan threw a little tantrum about not wanting to fish, I got him a pole and showed him how to cast. This is how he looked after about an hour. We hadn't been fishing for over a year and he didn't love it then, either. I just happen to think that all boys should know how to fish and I want my son to be able to live off the land if necessary! I think he'd sooner starve than eat fish anyway.

No, that is not our fish. It is one of the six the kid next to us caught. Or one of the four the kid on the other side of us caught. I told Ryan that Alaskans don't get skunked and I couldn't remember the last time I went fishing without catching something...then he told me that he was so glad we didn't catch anything because he didn't want to hurt the fish. Aha! He'd been sitting there thinking "no fish, no fish, no fish". Just goes to show you that thoughts do matter! So, we went home to start our day of 5 soccer games and 3 soccer snacks, without any fish.

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