Saturday, September 12, 2009

Becca's 11th Birthday Party

Becca had a luau party yesterday for her 11th birthday. I made sarongs for everyone and the girls all swam, ate snacks and played games. Several of the kids asked if we were going to play pass the parcel, a game we always play but almost didn't this year, and I was so glad I had scrambled to Target to get a Webkinz and wrapped it 12 times after work! Kyra was just saying how in all the years she has been coming to Becca's party she had never won, then the music stopped and she unwrapped the last layer. Surprise!

Becca had wanted to have a sleep over but since we had to be at 3 of our 4 soccer games by 7:30am today, I told her we could do a long party instead...

3-9pm...that was long.

I made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, then the girls had cake and ice cream. It's funny, the easier the cake, the more the kids seem to like it. They actually ate every scrap of it! We were going to watch movie after dinner but the girls wanted to swim again and play on the tire swing and trampoline, so we went back outside until 8:15 when a very nice but tired neighbor came over to say the kids were too loud! So, we came in and watched the very first episode of Gilligan's Island. We love that show but most of the girls hadn't heard of it and one of them asked how long it was going to stay black and white. They all ended up giggling their heads off.

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Em said...

Ohhhhh what a blast!!! I want to come next year!!! I can't believe becca's poor head what a champ she is...Big hugs to My Becca!