Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dave n Buster's

Ryan wanted to go to Dave n Buster's for his 9th birthday party. But it's in Milpitas (a little over an hour away without traffic) so I told him he could have his entire class plus soccer team come for a party at our house, but if he really wanted it at the place he could only bring 4 friends because that is all I can fit in the van to drive there. You can see what he chose.
The kids all had a blast. A lady gave Blair and Cameron handfuls of tickets she had won. They were so excited. Ryan was obsessed with the quarter game.

Blair and Gavin both have amazing hand-eye coordination and each won the spin the wheel game by stopping the light at the 1,000 mark. The machine spewed out 1,000 tickets for each of them. We had dinner in the food court and I told the kids they could get whatever they wanted at any of the restaurants but 4 of the 5 went for the pizza.
I drove back to our house and the kids played pass the parcel, and had cake and ice cream. Ryan had asked for a scotcheroo cake, so I got off easy this year... This is the last celebration for the Bain Family Birthday Season and my baby is 9.

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jhoopes said...

What a dream birthday for a 9 year old!! Happy birthday to Ryan!

Leeandra said...

Hey Dayna! Brian and I are missing you and the kids! I wrote you a message on facebook and I was hoping you could help us out. We are wanting to rent a car in Germany and aren´t sure exactly how to go about it... write me back and let me know what you guys did last year when you drove around Europe! OH and the pics of the kids are great, we love reading up on the Bain fam!