Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Like a Good Neighbor

State Farm has really been incredible throughout this ordeal. We now have a project manager and a whole team of people who are fixing this mess in our backyard. Today we met with the pool company in Pleasanton who is going to redo the pool, fire pit, seatwall, and stairs. The adjuster came from LA and made a formal estimate of the damages. This was compared to the general contractors list and submitted to State Farm. A few days later I received a giant check in the mail! In the beginning I thought they had no where to go but down because Ken Bullock's response was so great. But their level of service has continued to be incredible! If you are looking for a great insurance company that actually likes to show you how they can be a good neighbor, look no further than State Farm!
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Amelia said...

Wow! Did all this happen from the typhoon... we had just been gone to Louisiana to visit my family. Dennis and I were joking when we came back that we brought the hurricane with us! Glad you are getting it all repaired. Just think how great it will be to have it all brand new again! :)

Isom Crew said...

How much $ is State Farm giving you for this post???? Just kidding. I'm so glad it's going as smoothly as it can. Think of all the small blessings from this problem. Your family is safe and didn't have the tree land on anyone. Your insurance company has been helpful rather than a headache, etc.