Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Fletcher's Came to Town!

My sister and her family came to visit for their Spring Break in March. It was so great to have them here and to have the cousins all together. They were glad to get away from the frozen Alaskan winter and we were so happy to see them! We missed Aaron because he is at BYU.

Alaina and Ryan played hooky when we went to Alcatraz. It was a beautiful day and everyone was fascinated by the audio guide.

On Saturday we went to Discovery Kingdom. It was Opening Day so I was worried it would be crowded but it was the only day we could all go so we went anyway. It turned out to be the best day! No lines at all, warm enough but not hot, almost all of the rides were working...just perfect.

The bumper cars are always a hit. (ha!)

I had gone with Andy to get dippin' dots and when we got back to the Lion Show everyone else had just bought frozen lemonades from the vendor. Next time we'll wait!

I'm so glad they came to see us!
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