Monday, March 29, 2010

Dangerous Question

I recently went away for the weekend and when I came home I asked everyone (individually) what they had missed while I was gone. This is a dangerous question since the responses could be seen as a reflection of my importance at home.
Here is what they said:

Ryan: airplane rides (on my feet)
Becca: you; the food, well not really because we got to go out all the time; waking up to find fresh lemonade in the fridge
Alaina: omelets
Andy: clean P.E. clothes
Dave: everything (I'm thinking that was a cop out because he was afraid if he said specific things I'd question him why he didn't miss other things!)
So, I guess what my kids need me for is omelets, fresh squeezed lemonade and laundry. Hmmm.


Shelley said...

Obviously they couldn't Tell you they need you for kisses, but I'm certain they do!

Genuinely Garff said...

Cooking and cleaning - that about sums it up doesn't it?? :) No, seriously, you are super mom. And super friend! I love ya!

jhoopes said...

LOL!! :) I am going to have to try that--very carefully though!

Jen said...

Awhile ago when I told my son that I was busy he said I was always busy nursing. hmmm... if only that was all I had to do. Your blog is making me feel inadequate as a cook. I am going to write down some of these recipes!