Tuesday, March 2, 2010


2:00-2:15 pick up at elementary school
3:00-3:15 pick up at middle school
3:10-3:45 orthodontist appointments
3:00-5:30 high school track practice
3:45-5:00 cub scouts
4:20-5:30 soccer game in Concord
4:45-5:15 flute lesson
4:00-6:00 baseball practice
5:00-6:15 St. Mary's track practice
7:00-8:15 Young Men's/Young Women's/Activity Days
7:00-8:30 soccer practice

In between all of that, I had the electricians and garage door repairman out and made snacks for 7 girls.
I used to say our afternoon activities were like puzzle pieces, but today the puzzle doesn't fit together!!

***update: cancelled ortho and flute, rain cancelled baseball, we all survived***

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