Friday, December 31, 2010

A Sad Day

Dave's dad hadn't been feeling well for a while, so it wasn't entirely unexpected, but when his mom called with the news that he passed away on the night of Ryan's birthday we were still caught off guard. I am so thankful that Dave had the opportunity to go to Idaho to see him a few weeks before and really was able to say goodbye. He was a great man and we will miss him dearly.

All six of us went to Boise for the funeral service and Dave and his sister, Susan, gave wonderful tributes. Later I called my mom and told her I wouldn't be speaking at her service because I just bawled the whole time. She said she understood.

Marcia is incredible and I was so touched at her love for Bob, evident even at the viewing. She held it together much better than I did.

I am amazed at the strength and courage his mom has shown throughout this time. Caring for him before he passed away and helping others grieve even as she is now.

We all went to a park and watched the kids jump around with their cousins and just kind of kept busy for the 20 hours we were there. It's sad that it takes an event like this to get the whole family together, but we did get to meet darling 2 year old Aluinn and play with him and sweet 4 year old Eva. The Christensen boys are all growing up into such handsome men. It was healing to see everyone together. And knowing that we will be with Bob again brings great peace.

October 2010

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Spakouskys said...

You have a beautiful family with one cute mama! Sorry about your family's loss!