Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Palm Desert Thanksgiving: Part 1

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Palm Desert. Silly me, I thought deserts were warm, but there was plenty of SNOW at the top of the tram. BRRR! The menu looked great, but when we got to the restaurant we stood in a line and were given a black styrofoam plate with slop on it. Happy Thanksgiving. It was actually very funny and the kids said it would make them appreciate my cooking more! That makes it worth it :)

We went to the Living Desert and rode camels! Can you find the animal that doesn't belong in the pen? The kids showed it to me.
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We drove to the Joshua Tree Park and wandered around for a few hours. The kids especially loved climbing on the beautiful boulders.
Our place had three tennis surfaces and we wanted to try them all. The kids and I played a little, but Dave entered a round robin tournament and had fun playing with people who can really hit the ball back to him. Someday I'll get there! Ryan has been obsessed with soccer since the world cup this summer and couldn't believe that right near our place there was a soccer park. So we played soccer nearly every day. The kids are way faster than Dave and I now. Click on the pictures to make them bigger and you will see what I mean. They are pretty aggressive!
We had a great vacation and I am so thankful for my family.

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