Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010 at Tahoe

We spent the week after Christmas in our time share at Northstar at Tahoe. It was beautiful but freezing! Literally 8 below freezing one morning. Sadly, my Alaskan blood has thinned. You can see Ryan didn't seem to notice it is winter, as he played football in the snow in his shorts and tshirt...crazy kid! Andy made the cutest snowman and I had a great video of him clobbering it, but when I called tech support for help with my new iPhone4 (so this wouldn't happen) all of my new photos and videos were he promised me he'll make another one next time we go.

We love celebrating New Year's Eve here. The Clements came over and the 4 girls got in the hot tub to watch the fireworks. They shoot off right by the gondola by the condo and it's the best spot to watch. Mica brought us Martinelli's and we all toasted at midnight. All but two of us stayed awake!!

Dave and I played with Tyler while Mica helped Alexa ice skate. Alaina, Becca, and Alyssa didn't need any help and zoomed in circles until they were too cold to stay out. A great Journey tribute band played at the stage at the end of the rink and brought back lots of memories!

Every year three of the kids tell us how much they hate skiing. (Andy loves it.) Every year we tell them it is fun. Someday I'm hoping they will agree. Notice that our soccer obsessed Ryan wore soccer jerseys over his ski jacket both days. That was the only way we could get him to wear ski clothes! All of the lift operators commented on them and he loved it.
We had two awesome, clear days and Dave and I loved seeing the kids ski together. They really looked like they were having fun...maybe we have some actors in the house.
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Leeandra said...

Love all the new posts Dayna! At least we can see you guys over the year in photos while we're gone... until we get to see your wonderful faces person in June!

Leeandra said...

I meant to say, "in person, in June!" lol.... we also got your Thank you cards. We're soo thankful for your gifts too! Thank you, and that toffee and caramel was DELICIOUS!