Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andy is 16!

Somehow Andy turned 16 last Friday. Not quite sure how that happened or how I feel about it, but it seems it doesn't matter because each year everyone gets older (except me, of course!). It just doesn't seem possible that Dave and I started our family 16 years ago. I am so thankful for Andy and his kind heart. What a great kid!

Originally Dave was going to take him and a few friends skiing at Tahoe but the timing didn't work, so he ended up having his friends over for a Role Playing Game they do on Fridays. Parties are so much easier as the kids get older because they just do what they want and don't need a lot of help. Except with food. So I made what Andy asked for:

*beef jerky


*pink lemonade pie


And I even bought soda and his favorite salt and vinegar kettle chips.
He and his friends had a great time just being teenage boys...

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Isom Crew said...

You may need to send the Pink Lemonade Pie recipe our way. It sounds interestingly delicious. Congrats to Andy! It's hard to believe that kid is so old now.

HMichaelsen said...

I saw Andy & Alaina at the youth dance last weekend. They both are so grown up! You have good kids. Happy 16th to Andy!!