Tuesday, August 9, 2011

O'Learyunion OBX 2011

Every two years we have a reunion with my Mom's side of the family. We always go where no one lives so nobody has to be host and everyone gets a vacation. This year we went to Outer Banks, North Carolina and stayed on the 4-wheel drive beach with wild horses for our friends. It was beautiful! We usually don't go anywhere twice, but we came here in 2005 and it was so great that everyone wanted to come back. My wonderful Grandfather rents a house that we fill up and we all really get to reconnect. Since there are 36 of us now (I think!), and we live in Alaska, Hawaii, California, DC, Virginia, Texas, and Oregon, it is a great way to get to know the relatives we would probably never see otherwise.

My Aunt Kathleen has been out numbered and out heighted for as long as I can remember!

Ryan never did get in the ocean, but he had fun digging in the sand with his cousin Marc.

This year my cousin David's wife Jennifer couldn't take time off from work but he still came and made his awesome drip castles with the kids.

Grandad and my Mom.

Andy passed me up years ago!

My Mom holding her ninth grandchild, North.

My beautiful Aunt Laura.

Ryan being silly again.

Cousins John and Ryan digging in the sand.

My brother Gavin and his baby, North.

My cousin Kelsey with a meaningful starfish.

Dave and Ryan playing pool.

Alaina's awesome dive.

David playing guitar and singing from the O'Leary songbook.

My Mom and sister, Dani.

My younger brothers, Brian and Gavin.

Dave and I playing horseshoes on the beach. I was determined to use everything I brought and Dave was a willing participant. He beat me almost everytime!

The girl cousins, Becca, Paige, Alaina.

Gavin and our cousin Connor,wrestling.

Grandad and Alice.

Alice and North.

Becca, Gavin, North.

Becca and her cousin, North.

Alice and North.

My Uncle Woody.

My Mom and me.

James, Julie, Stephen.

Brian and Leeann.

Woody and Kathleen.

James and Ryan.

Andy playing piano.

Nana and North.

We went go karting and Alaina drove for the first time. She had Paige as a passenger and did pretty well. Andy had just gotten his permit so it was a little extra practice for him. Becca rode with Leeandra and Ryan rode with Brian, who got kicked off the track for bumping! It was actually pretty funny. I'd never seen anyone get thrown out before.

My parents, Brian, Dani, me, Gavin.

Alaina and Paige with a creepy lady at a store at Tim Buck II.

Playing in the water. Julie and Stephen rented a stand up paddle board and they taught me how to SUP. I sprained my ankle but had lots of fun and rode a wave or two.

My Cousin David rented a kayak and let everyone try it out.

Dave and Dani brought a "flat Elder Fletcher", like Flat Stanley, to take pictures with Aaron who is serving his mission in Poland right now. It was a fun way to include him!

Family pictures!

Nut Stacker

I brought games for a "Minute to Win it" family night. It was a great success!

Suck it Up

Face the Cookie

Stacker, Temper Tantrum, Puzzler

We had a beautiful afternoon sail aboard the Down East Rover.

We all spent many hours looking at Linda's awesome reunion scrapbooks, playing boggle (with O'Leary rules!), playing beach soccer, and doing puzzles. Such a great way to reconnect!

Hangliding has been on my bucket list for years and I finally had an opportunity to do it! My Dad, Andy, Alaina, Connor, and I all had an amazing time with a plane towing us up 2,000 feet and letting go. It was incredible to just free fall with the glider catching the wind and floating us about the sky. It definitely exceeded our expectations and we all wanted to go again soon.


We had an awesome chef, Joey, who came every day and made the most amazing food for us. We all helped out a little and I really think it would be fun to be a personal chef. Not for 36 people, though. Too much pressure! He was fun to work with and everyone enjoyed not having to be in charge of the kitchen.

June 20011

Dave and I at the end of a relaxing week!

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