Monday, February 23, 2009

A great find at Target

Ever since I discovered the Asian Potsticker variety of Lean Cuisine, I have had one for lunch whenever possible. Well, the unthinkable happened about 8 months ago. They were gone. Not just sold out until the next shipment, but gone as in not even a space on the shelf to refill. So, I searched the entire East Bay and found them in one store. Target, of all places! Not Safeway. Not Lucky or Albertsons. But Target, which now has me truly convinced that they have everything! Now I can look forward to lunch everyday. And I can think of my freezer full of potsticker lean cuisines as food storage. Now don't you go running to Target and clean them out, too.

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Logan St Journal said...

I am so going to load up onthem....and perhaps buy an outdoor freezer to fill up with them!