Monday, February 23, 2009

How Embarrassing!

In December someone(who shall remain unnamed!) broke my powdered sugar sifter. So, for Christmas my sweet husband bought me a new one. A few weeks ago I tried to open it to refill it, but it was literally glued shut with sugar.
After many failed attempts, and my losing faith in all of my jar opening gadgets, (because I am a gadget gal)I finally brought the sifter back to the store today. No questions asked, they gave me a new one right away, after a few unsuccessful attmepts of their own.
I browsed the clearance section (I do love a good bargain, you know!)and found a few things I couldn't live without, like 99 cent Christmas fuzzy tooth picks, and silicon fried egg rings, so I went to the counter to purchase my necessities. While I was paying, the employee showed me my old sifter (of which I am now still the proud owner), good as new. He said he just ran it under hot water to dissolve the sugar that was sticking under the lid. DUH!

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