Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not to Worry

Every summer I try mightily to get the kids involved in things around the house so they'll learn how to do stuff. Part of this effort includes taking turns with dinner plannning and preparing because I really want the kids to know how to make some meals and be a little more self sufficient.
So, each of us has a night we are in charge of and Friday is "clean out the fridge" night, which is great because if Dave and I go out, the kids already have dinner ready!
There are just a few rules: they can't make the same thing two weeks in a row, nothing can be repeated in the same week, and the meal has to include something that grows in the ground.
On Ryan's first night he chose steak and pasta. He really helped marinate and grill the steak and he made the pasta and veggies by himself. He set the table and cleaned everything up. I was thinking about how my baby is growing up so fast...until I saw him stick the pasta noodles up his nose and get all the kids in hysterical giggles. Back to reality!

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jhoopes said...

Made me laugh. :) ha ha And love your idea!