Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Visit to the ER

After my last day as a working mom, I picked up the kids and took Alaina shopping (more on that later). Then, we had a great Enrichment Night at the church and did an awesome murder mystery dinner and skit. I had left the kids at home eating dinner, with strict instructions to clean up, and the garbage taker-outer was supposed to take out the garbage. Upon returning from Enrichment Night I found that all was not well. The bag of moldy, rotten cheese that was supposed to have been put in the outside garbage can was missing. And the taker-outer fessed up and said he hadn't done the job. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a piece of shredded Zip-Loc baggie by the back of the couch, where Cabo always takes the things he's not supposed to eat but does anyway. It's a good thing we love him so much.
I called the ER vet and they said to bring him in. Given that last year after he ate a bag of valentine chocoates he spent 3 days in the doggie ER and it cost us $6,000, I thought I'd prevent a major emergency by taking him in right away. He was the happiest patient they've ever had! The vet made him vomit (apparantly he hadn't even chewed the cheese) and he was good as new within 45 minutes. And it only cost us $160! What a bargain.

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Nonnie said...

I love Cabo!!! What a Naughty boy, but I couldn't help but laugh at this post! ;0)